Tall Boys 500g Aerial Repeater

500g Aerials

Sometimes referred to as “500g Cakes”, these items are jampacked with 500g of pyrotechnic composition – the maximum load allowable by law.
Each repeater varies from one to the other, however each one is ignited by a single fuse and contains multiple shots of various size, effect, color and sound.

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Gypsy Garden 200g Aerial Repeater

200g Aerials

Similar to their 500g cousins, these items contain between 200-350g of pyrotechnic composition.
Like the 500g Aerials, each 200g repeater varies greatly from one to the other, however each one is ignited by a single fuse and contains multiple shots of various size, effect, color and sound.

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Big Bang Artillery Shells


Reloadables, or “Artillery Shells” come in a set consisting of one or more launch tubes and 6 or more mortar shells. A mortar shell is inserted in the launch tube and when lit, the mortar shell is fired out of the launch tube in to the sky where it explodes in a burst with any number of sizes, effects, and colors. The launch tube may be constructed of cardboard, fiberglass or High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE). The mortar shells may contain up to 4 different breaks, each with a different effect.

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Sky Showcase Assortment


As the name implies, assortments are packages of different fireworks items typically containing a variety of products from small novelty items to larger aerial repeaters. We stock every conceivable size of assortment from small kid’s packs to gigantic packages of all aerial items. Assortments are available for any budget.

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Photo Op 500g Fountain


Fountains are items that emit a shower of sparks with nearly limitless different colors, effects and sounds. Because fountains do not fire in to the sky, they are great for areas where aerial items are not legal or areas with trees. Fountains can also be a great enhancement to your aerial display, giving your audience a show from the ground to the sky. We stock every conceivable size of fountain from tiny to maximum load 500g.

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Happy Face Sky Rockets


A rocket consists of a cylindrical pyrotechnic device attached to a stick. The smaller items are known commonly as “bottle rockets” and as the name implies, they are typically fired from empty bottles. Larger rockets are known as “sky rockets” and are generally shot from a tube. We stock rockets in every size from the kind you probably grew up with to the huge aerial display rockets with amazing effects.

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Candle Pack Roman Candle Assortment

Roman Candles

Roman Candles are long tubes that fire flaming balls, with or without a report. Roman Candles have come a long way in recent years and their effects can be very different from one item to the next. From crackling to blue and every possible effect and color in between, Roman Candles are truly a classic, fun fireworks item.

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Flashcracker  Roll of 1000 Firecrackers


Just in case you don’t already know, a firecracker is a small explosive device that makes a loud bang when lit. Firecrackers have always been synonymous with the 4th of July and New Years Eve. Firecrackers have come a long way since being invented over 1000 years ago by a Chinese monk named Li Tian. Today, firecrackers are available in all sorts of sizes and packaging from packs of a dozen to rolls of 16,000 and we stock them all.

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Ladybug Spinner

Other Stuff

Everything else we carry. Parachutes, snappers spinners, missiles, strobes, sparklers and any other category possibly available.

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